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Impact of your Lifestyle on your Health

January 23 2013 , Written by Jennifer

Impact of your Lifestyle on your Health

We all notice that life has become a race for all of us today. But, do we have time to stop and care how running in this race is affecting our health and fitness? The answer is no, when we fall sick, we give find time to really know that something is wrong with us!! The fast forward lifestyle is really affecting our lives.

Factors of Lifestyle affecting our health are:



3.Stress and Tension

4.Smoking, Alcohol Consumption


junk food

junk food

Junk food has become so popular among adults and kids that we hardly care about having a nutritious diet. Green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits are rarely seen in regular diets. This affects the health adversely. In this fast-paced life, people don't take out time for proper exercising. Gyms have achieved fame these days, but we can find people joining gym after advised by their doctor when they have already been attacked by a disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol. Work stress and tension is also a very big factor affecting fitness of all. We can find that not only the aged people but the young generation is conquered by emotional stress and tension. This affects the heart and leads to major heart diseases and heart attack, which is the major killer today.

smoking effects

smoking effects

Due to modernization, smoking and consuming alcohol has become a trend among youngsters. But this creates hindrance in proper functioning of their body. People have become social on networking sites, but social gatherings and meetings have become rare. They are turning into couch potatoes and are becoming aloof from the society. This brings in loneliness which is the cause of emotional disturbance.

We should remain alert about these factors and try to improvise our lifestyle so that we can live a happy and disease-free life.

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Does Chest Pain Always mean a Heart Attack?

October 8 2012 , Written by Jennifer

reason for chest pain

reason for chest pain

When we hear about heart attack, the first scene that strikes the mind is the patient holding his chest, having severe chest pain falling down on ground. Same is true about chest pain; when we hear somebody having chest pain, the first thing that we think of is a heart attack. These both things – the heart attack and chest pain are very closely associated with each other. Yes, chest pain is considered as the major symptom of heart attack, but it is not true that chest pain means a heart attack only. Many of the patients who got a heart attack show different symptoms. Many times chest pain is not common symptom shown by women who got a heart attack. They experience shortness of breathing, anxiety, indigestion, sleep disturbance, etc before a heart attack.

There can be many other reasons behind the chest pain apart from heart attack. GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease) can be one reason for chest pain. Mostly it can be accompanied by difficulty in swallowing and heart burn. It is caused by eating of food or lying down after eating.

Cancer is also a reason for chest pain. It may originate or spread in any part of the chest including heart. This type of chest pain is continuous.

Injury in the rib can also cause chest pain.

Lung disorders can also be reason of chest pain. Pneumonia is the most common among this, and this chest pain comes and goes over a period of hour. It is usually accompanied by cough and fever.

Chest pain can be experienced while coughing, this can be due to the upper respiratory infection caused by virus.

A lot of exercising after having heavy food can also cause chest pain.

Too much smoking and drinking alcohol also are reasons for chest pain.

Besides above, hypertension, thyroid disease, anemia, stress, gall bladder disease, pancreatitis, hiatal hernia, pericarditis, etc can be the reason of chest pain. So before running into conclusion about your chest pain, consult your doctor about it.

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What can be the Reason for your Heart Attack?

October 3 2012 , Written by Jennifer

Heart is the most important organ of the body as it provides the body with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. Heart is provided with oxygen through the blood that is supplied to it by the arteries on it's surface. These arteries are referred as coronary arteries. Sometimes the coronary artery develop a clot or blockage due to which they fail to supply blood to the heart. The shortage of blood and oxygen to heart leads to a heart attack. Eventually the heart muscles begin to die. If proper medical help is not provided to the person, this can prove fatal.

heart care

heart care

What can be the reasons for a heart attack. Here are some listed below:

1.The increasing age:

Age can be the reason for a heart attack. Mostly men above 45 years of age and women of 55 years of age are prone to heart attack.

smoking can kill

smoking can kill

2.Too Much Smoking:

Smoking is considered as a major reason for causing cancer. But most are unaware of the fact that 40% deaths caused due to heart diseases are because of smoking. Smoking damages the arteries, lowers the blood capacity to carry oxygen, and increases blood pressure. These all factors ultimately lead to heart attacks.

3.Less Physical Activity:

Study has shown that proper physical activities help to keep the heart healthy. Physical exercises keep the heart strong, keep the blood pressure at desirable level, decrease the risk of diabetes, etc. Lack of physical activities can be a reason of heart attack.


Sometimes genes of parents or grand parents who have heart attack can also be your cause of a heart attack.

5.Blood Cholesterol Level:

High cholesterol level in blood can lead to blood clots in arteries which can cause a heart attack.

6.Saturated Fats:

The intake of saturated fats in diet in can also cause a heart attack.

obesity can cause heart attack

obesity can cause heart attack


Obesity is excess accumulation of fats so much so that it can affect your life badly causing a heart attack. Lack of eating healthy food and excessive junk food in diet is reason for obesity.

8.High Blood Pressure:

Hypertension or high blood pressure affects various organs of the body; heart is one of them. Smoking, older ager, obesity, lack of physical activity, depression and stress can result to high blood pressure; try avoiding these.

9.Previous Heart Attack or a heart surgery:

If a person had a heart attack and is not taking proper care, he is more prone to have another heart attack.


A person having diabetes can get a heart attack.

emotional stress

emotional stress

11.Stress and Pain:

Emotional stress or tension can take you near heart attack. Most of the people take unnecessary stress these days about life, career or relationships.

12.Alcohol Consumption:

High intake of alcohol can increase fats in your body which can lead to high blood pressure and heart failure. It has high calorie level, which can cause obesity and high cholesterol levels. So, yes high alcohol consumption can be a reason of heart attack.

These can be major causes of heart attack. If you are aware you are falling victim to any of these, BEWARE! Alert yourself before fate serves it's evil motive and causes a heart attack.

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Are Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women Different?

September 25 2012 , Written by Jennifer Published on #difference of symptoms of heart attack in women and men, #heart attack symptoms in women, #chest pain, #fatigue, #anxiety, #sleep disturbance, #indigestion

symptoms of heart attack in women

symptoms of heart attack in women

Heart attack is of one of the leading killer today; both in men and women. Study shows that more than 50% of deaths due to heart disease in 2008 were in men and globally, about 8.6 million women die from heart disease. The figures are astonishing! Heart attack has been counted as the major cause of death today. That is the reason why, it is necessary that we are aware of all facts related to it. Sometimes a chest pain that comes and goes quite often can be a symptom of a heart attack and you would be ignoring it. This ignorance can prove fatal.

Experiencing severe chest pain is considered as the most common heart attack symptom. But it is observed that chest pain is not a major symptom among some women. It is noticed that 42% men experience chest pain compared to 30% of women who experience chest pain. The statistics shows that women getting a heart attack show symptoms other than chest pain. The younger a woman is, lesser is the possibility of chest pain as a symptom of heart attack.

difference of symptoms in women

difference of symptoms in women

Symptoms prior to heart attack in women can be:

Indigestion - 39%

Unusual Fatigue - 70%

Shortness of Breathing - 42%

Anxiety - 35%

Sleep Disturbance - 48%

Women who do not experience chest pain can experience nausea, vomiting, sweating, indigestion, shortness of breathing, lightheadedness before heart attack. These symptoms can occur one month before the heart attack in women. These symptoms can be ignored by some who are not aware that they can lead to heart attack. So you need to know the difference and what to do when you are having a heart attack or a heart disease.

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What is the Best Diet for Heart Attack Patients?

September 20 2012 , Written by Jennifer

best diet

best diet

Most of us panic after some one from the family gets a heart attack. It's terrifying feeling because heart attack is counted as one of the dreadful diseases these days. The most common thing that doctors suggest to fight over this taking proper care of the diet of the heart attack patient.

It is very much necessary that the patient takes a healthy diet so that he remains fit enough to survive the after-effects.

There are some foods that should be taken regularly and some should be avoided completely by a heart attack patient.

What should the diet of heart attack patient include?

1.Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are the best recommended by the doctors as they provide vitamins. Canned fruits and vegetables should be avoided. Also avoid vegetables that come in sauce pouches and those which contain cream or fats.

2.Whole Grains:

Increase consumption of whole grains in diet of the heart attack patient; whole grains contain heart healthy fats and fiber.

3.Nuts and Seeds:

It is recommended that nuts, seeds, legumes should be consumed four times a week. Legumes provide fiber and low fat protein while nuts and seeds have healthy fiber and fats.

4.Avoid sodium:

Stop eating more salt and avoid adding salt at the time of meals. The sodium intake should be controlled.

5.Foods to be avoided:

red meats, sugar, deep-dried foods, hot dogs, ice cream, candy, chips, cookies, processed foods, foods with high amount of sodium, hard margarine, egg yolk, full creamed dairy products, egg noodles, buttered popcorn, sausages, cold cut, etc.


You can prefer unsalted tuna, fresh or frozen non-breaded fish, pork, beef, lamb, skinless chicken,etc.


Low fat milk or skim milk fat free dairy products like yogurt are the best protein rich items for heart attack patients. The oils that can help to make the heart healthy are canola, safflower, peanut,olive, corn, cottonseed, sunflower and soybean oils.

Consulting the doctor is always good. He will guide you so that you can help the patient make his heart healthy and happy.

What is the Best Diet for Heart Attack Patients?
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September 20 2012 , Written by Jennifer

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Most Common Heart Attack Symptoms

September 18 2012 Published on #heart attack, #heart attack symptoms, #symptoms of heart attack, #heart attack signs

common heart attack symptoms

common heart attack symptoms

Would you be able to discriminate between a chest pain and a heart attack if you do not know it's symptoms? The answer that would come from most of us is “no”. It's surprising, yet true. Study says there 1.2 million heart attacks in United States and 50% are said to be fatal! The numbers are really tremendous and so I think we all should know about at least the most common symptoms of heart attack.

I do not know the terms doctors use; but I have heard about common symptoms from; say, my father, mother, grand parents, etc. The most common of all symptoms I hear is chest pain. Your chest starts feeling discomfort or you feel like some tons of weight is put on your chest. Also sometimes the pain of heart attack feels like heart burn or indigestion. The chest pain can be frequent sometimes; or for some it can come and go; or occur while resting, etc. If you or your relative is having any of such chest pains, you should consult the doctor.

The next symptom is the acute upper body pain. It may include pain in one or both arms, neck, jaw, the back, shoulder, upper part of stomach. It is noticed that the pain in jaw, neck or arms is commonly observed heart attack symptom in women.

Excessive sweating can also be a heart attack symptom. Shortness of breath is another symptom. You can feel uneasy and have problems in breathing.

Sudden lack of energy, dizziness, fatigue are other symptoms of heart attack. You may ignore them saying it is for time-being. But if you feel this most of the times, it should not be ignored and should be taken care of as early as possible. This problem of ignorance mostly takes place in case of women. Ladies, you need to be aware of these symptoms. Have an aspirin with you if you are a heart patient, ask your doctor for that.

These are some common heart attack symptoms I am aware of. If you know them, and have been experiencing them, do not waste time. Make it a note to visit the doctor and get the tests done.

Stay hearty and keep your heart healthy and happy.

have a healthy heart

have a healthy heart

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