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What can be the Reason for your Heart Attack?

October 3 2012 , Written by Jennifer

Heart is the most important organ of the body as it provides the body with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. Heart is provided with oxygen through the blood that is supplied to it by the arteries on it's surface. These arteries are referred as coronary arteries. Sometimes the coronary artery develop a clot or blockage due to which they fail to supply blood to the heart. The shortage of blood and oxygen to heart leads to a heart attack. Eventually the heart muscles begin to die. If proper medical help is not provided to the person, this can prove fatal.

heart care

heart care

What can be the reasons for a heart attack. Here are some listed below:

1.The increasing age:

Age can be the reason for a heart attack. Mostly men above 45 years of age and women of 55 years of age are prone to heart attack.

smoking can kill

smoking can kill

2.Too Much Smoking:

Smoking is considered as a major reason for causing cancer. But most are unaware of the fact that 40% deaths caused due to heart diseases are because of smoking. Smoking damages the arteries, lowers the blood capacity to carry oxygen, and increases blood pressure. These all factors ultimately lead to heart attacks.

3.Less Physical Activity:

Study has shown that proper physical activities help to keep the heart healthy. Physical exercises keep the heart strong, keep the blood pressure at desirable level, decrease the risk of diabetes, etc. Lack of physical activities can be a reason of heart attack.


Sometimes genes of parents or grand parents who have heart attack can also be your cause of a heart attack.

5.Blood Cholesterol Level:

High cholesterol level in blood can lead to blood clots in arteries which can cause a heart attack.

6.Saturated Fats:

The intake of saturated fats in diet in can also cause a heart attack.

obesity can cause heart attack

obesity can cause heart attack


Obesity is excess accumulation of fats so much so that it can affect your life badly causing a heart attack. Lack of eating healthy food and excessive junk food in diet is reason for obesity.

8.High Blood Pressure:

Hypertension or high blood pressure affects various organs of the body; heart is one of them. Smoking, older ager, obesity, lack of physical activity, depression and stress can result to high blood pressure; try avoiding these.

9.Previous Heart Attack or a heart surgery:

If a person had a heart attack and is not taking proper care, he is more prone to have another heart attack.


A person having diabetes can get a heart attack.

emotional stress

emotional stress

11.Stress and Pain:

Emotional stress or tension can take you near heart attack. Most of the people take unnecessary stress these days about life, career or relationships.

12.Alcohol Consumption:

High intake of alcohol can increase fats in your body which can lead to high blood pressure and heart failure. It has high calorie level, which can cause obesity and high cholesterol levels. So, yes high alcohol consumption can be a reason of heart attack.

These can be major causes of heart attack. If you are aware you are falling victim to any of these, BEWARE! Alert yourself before fate serves it's evil motive and causes a heart attack.

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But most are unaware of the fact that 40% deaths caused due to heart diseases are because of smoking.

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