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Does Chest Pain Always mean a Heart Attack?

October 8 2012 , Written by Jennifer

reason for chest pain

reason for chest pain

When we hear about heart attack, the first scene that strikes the mind is the patient holding his chest, having severe chest pain falling down on ground. Same is true about chest pain; when we hear somebody having chest pain, the first thing that we think of is a heart attack. These both things – the heart attack and chest pain are very closely associated with each other. Yes, chest pain is considered as the major symptom of heart attack, but it is not true that chest pain means a heart attack only. Many of the patients who got a heart attack show different symptoms. Many times chest pain is not common symptom shown by women who got a heart attack. They experience shortness of breathing, anxiety, indigestion, sleep disturbance, etc before a heart attack.

There can be many other reasons behind the chest pain apart from heart attack. GERD(gastroesophageal reflux disease) can be one reason for chest pain. Mostly it can be accompanied by difficulty in swallowing and heart burn. It is caused by eating of food or lying down after eating.

Cancer is also a reason for chest pain. It may originate or spread in any part of the chest including heart. This type of chest pain is continuous.

Injury in the rib can also cause chest pain.

Lung disorders can also be reason of chest pain. Pneumonia is the most common among this, and this chest pain comes and goes over a period of hour. It is usually accompanied by cough and fever.

Chest pain can be experienced while coughing, this can be due to the upper respiratory infection caused by virus.

A lot of exercising after having heavy food can also cause chest pain.

Too much smoking and drinking alcohol also are reasons for chest pain.

Besides above, hypertension, thyroid disease, anemia, stress, gall bladder disease, pancreatitis, hiatal hernia, pericarditis, etc can be the reason of chest pain. So before running into conclusion about your chest pain, consult your doctor about it.

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