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Are Symptoms of Heart Attack in Women Different?

September 25 2012 , Written by Jennifer Published on #difference of symptoms of heart attack in women and men, #heart attack symptoms in women, #chest pain, #fatigue, #anxiety, #sleep disturbance, #indigestion

symptoms of heart attack in women

symptoms of heart attack in women

Heart attack is of one of the leading killer today; both in men and women. Study shows that more than 50% of deaths due to heart disease in 2008 were in men and globally, about 8.6 million women die from heart disease. The figures are astonishing! Heart attack has been counted as the major cause of death today. That is the reason why, it is necessary that we are aware of all facts related to it. Sometimes a chest pain that comes and goes quite often can be a symptom of a heart attack and you would be ignoring it. This ignorance can prove fatal.

Experiencing severe chest pain is considered as the most common heart attack symptom. But it is observed that chest pain is not a major symptom among some women. It is noticed that 42% men experience chest pain compared to 30% of women who experience chest pain. The statistics shows that women getting a heart attack show symptoms other than chest pain. The younger a woman is, lesser is the possibility of chest pain as a symptom of heart attack.

difference of symptoms in women

difference of symptoms in women

Symptoms prior to heart attack in women can be:

Indigestion - 39%

Unusual Fatigue - 70%

Shortness of Breathing - 42%

Anxiety - 35%

Sleep Disturbance - 48%

Women who do not experience chest pain can experience nausea, vomiting, sweating, indigestion, shortness of breathing, lightheadedness before heart attack. These symptoms can occur one month before the heart attack in women. These symptoms can be ignored by some who are not aware that they can lead to heart attack. So you need to know the difference and what to do when you are having a heart attack or a heart disease.

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